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Dec 2022 How to fuel innovation with agile data governance

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Thriving data cultures prioritize inclusion, collaboration, and transparency over command and control. They work iteratively vs. trying to "boil the ocean." But of course, this is easier said than done, right? 

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Season Two Kickoff Episode w/ DJ Patil

About this episode

We roll into season two with a straightforward question: “Did we learn anything new about data work and data people during the pandemic?” 

Who better to address that subject than DJ Patil, mathematician, entrepreneur, and the very first U.S. Chief Data Scientist? Join Tim, Juan, and DJ for a wide-ranging conversation on data cultures, architectures, roles, and enduring lessons from the past 16-months of largely remote work.

This episode features
  • Hot new job titles and emerging opportunities

  • How to establish a new data culture built around hybrid work environments

  • Favorite podcast, book, or show discovered during the Pandemic

Key takeaways
  • Being ethical in data; use the "5 C's"

  • Before launching a new data project, ask your team, "what could go wrong?"

  • Work with amazing people who "kick your ass, make you happy, and make you better."

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DJ Patil Former U.S. Chief Data Scientist