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Your privacy is my currency

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About this episode

What does the word, “privacy” mean to you? Is it about being left alone? Being forgotten? In today’s world of ubiquitous digital apps, we think about privacy and utility as a give and get. To get the best experiences from Google, Facebook, and Amazon, I need to give up some measure of privacy. But, is that true? 

Join Tim, Juan and special guest Patricia Thaine, CEO from Private AI to discuss the state of data privacy and how enterprises and customers should think about it.

This episode features

  • Examples of privacy done right and wrong

  • How to balance privacy and customer experience

  • Which company’s privacy policy is required reading for insomniacs?

Key takeaways

  • Privacy: giving control to user... Security: keeping things safe.

  • Privacy is a competitive advantage.

  • Only take what you need, for as long as you need it.

Special guests

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Patricia Thaine Co Founder and CEO, Private AI
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