Agile like a fox, but for data. w/ Shane Gibson

About this episode

Agile processes in software development date back to the beginning of the century. We’re now seeing concepts like scrum and sprints make their way into the world of data. is even applying agile to data governance. 

But what exactly does it mean to be agile in data? What’s the end product, and how do you measure and scale the practice in your organization? Join Tim, Juan and special guest Shane Gibson, Founder of to talk agile in the domain of data.

Special Guests:

Shane Gibson

Shane Gibson

This episode features
  • How and why you should apply agile practices to data
  • Why your sprints should actually be three weeks, not two
  • As a longtime fan of the podcast, who’s your favorite host, and why isn’t it Tim?
Key takeaways
  • Observe: get to know your team and their existing workflows
  • Tools: what is in your tech stack, and what do people want to use?
  • ROI: focus on key business outcomes and objectives

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