Will 2022 change how we think about data?

About this episode

The new year means it’s time for another trek around the sun. It’s also time to make a few predictions about what might change in data & analytics. Is it time for data practitioners to participate in boardroom conversations? Will we see data teams embedded in business units? What new technologies will become part of the modern data stack? 

Join Tim, Juan and Sarah Catanzaro from Amplify Partners, to discuss what’s in store in 2022.

Special Guests:

Sarah Catanzaro

Sarah Catanzaro

Amplify Partners

This episode features
  • Suggestions on organizational design that keeps data closer to the business teams.
  • Ways to address data gaps in strategic decision making
  • What was the best/worst prediction you made at the start of 2021?
Key takeaways
  • Recent years, companies have been focused on crafting data models, documenting, and monitoring.
  • We’ve lost sight of what we do with the data.
  • Companies and the board room should have “data interpreters”

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