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Getting all meta about data

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About this episode

So much of the focus of the analytics and vendor community today is on data. We have solutions for data visualization, warehousing, observability, cataloging, transformations, and more. But data is nothing without context. So why does metadata tend to draw the short straw?   

In this episode, Tim, Juan, and Sanjeev Mohan, former Gartner analyst and principal at SanjMo, explore how metadata acts as a proverbial travel guide for your data and analytics journey.

This episode features
  • Visions of a data catalog, the ordinary and profound

  • Who needs lineage and why

  • In the Magic Quadrant of summer foods, what goes in the leaders quadrant, and what’s in niche?

Key takeaways

  • Ultimately customers just care about FUTURE-PROOFING!

  • Start with the big picture, then start small with your actions.

  • "I never metadata I didn’t like."

Special guests

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Sanjeev Mohan SanjMo
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