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Episode 41: Building a great data team: Mission (Im)possible


About this episode

Here’s your mission, should you choose to accept it: Your company is making poor decisions about how to bring its latest product to market. Time is running out, and the company risks missing a unique and lucrative opportunity. You must convince your exec team to stop using gut instinct and start trusting in data. 

Step one is building a strong data and analytics team with the right mix of people, process, and technical know-how. In this episode, Juan, Tim, and Patrick Barry, VP of Data and Analytics at SPM Marketing and Communications, discuss what it takes to assemble a team from scratch.

This episode features
  • What roles and skills to prioritize

  • Why diversity is critical

  • What things do we wish would self-destruct

Key takeaways
  • Observe: get to know your team and their existing workflows

  • Tools: what is in your tech stack, and what do people want to use?

  • ROI: focus on key business outcomes and objectives

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Patrick Barry VP, Data & Analytics, SPM Marketing & Communications