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Chat with Data Benchmark: Improving the Accuracy of LLM Responses in the Enterprise

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Read the first-of-its-kind benchmark on the accuracy of LLMs in the enterprise

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Join’s Juan Sequeda, Principal Scientist & Head of our AI Lab, Dean Allemang, Principal Solutions Architect, and Bryon Jacob, CTO & Co-Founder, to see how a Knowledge Graph can improve the accuracy of LLM responses by 3X; and learn how a data catalog built on a Knowledge Graph can increase trust in LLMs with clear explainability and governance.

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Everybody's an Imposter Sometimes

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About this episode

It’s not easy being a “data leader.” For one, you have to advocate for good data practices at your company. But you may also feel a strong desire to create your own brand on social media and at conferences. With the constant noise, posturing, and rigorous debate over every facet of data and analytics, this can be daunting. And sometimes, you feel like an imposter.  

In this episode, Tim and Juan are joined by Steve Perry, Director of Data and Analytics at Genius Sports, to talk about the challenges that rising data leaders face, and how to block out the noise, and chart your path to success.

This episode features
  • How to get over your fear of saying something stupid in a public square

  • Success metrics for data leaders

  • What’s an awkward conversation you’ve walked into and quickly realized you don’t belong?

Key takeaways

  • Even if you may be wrong… people are willing to help you out.

  • Problems in data are cultural ones. Products don’t solve the problems.

  • Confidence can be well placed, it can be misplaced. It alone isn’t enough.

Special guests

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Steve Perry Genius Sports