What good is a Metrics Layer w/ Benn Stancil

About this episode

We all like to measure things: height, weight, company revenue, active users on our SaaS platform. Measurement, and a common understanding of that measure is critical whether you’re a doctor, an athlete, or a business decision maker. Self-service analytics is much easier today, but without shared definitions for the metrics we’re reporting on, trust in analytics is still relatively low. Is it time for a Metrics Layer? 

Join Tim, Juan and special guest Benn Stancil, chief analytics officer and founder of Mode to discuss all things Metrics Layer including what it is and why we should care.

Special Guests:

Benn Stancil

Benn Stancil


This episode features
  • Where does a metrics layer fit within the modern data stack
  • What tools and skills are needed to make this a reliable part of your data strategy
  • In honor of the Friday Fight post, what is the most controversial post/blog you’ve ever written, and what kind of feedback did you receive?
Key takeaways
  • Metrics layer should be a thing.
  • Governance: want to make sure that the definition of WHAT it is matches
  • Businesses use metrics in many places. Historically, it has been in BI tool. Ship it to executives.

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