Episode 10: Stuck in the middle: How to become an advocate for a data catalog and governance

About this episode

60% of organizations will use data catalogs by 2023. This prediction by IDC suggests a large number of companies are still using manual and complex processes to make sense of data. This includes standing up multiple data lakes, disparate database technologies, and a rash of BI tools. The struggle is real. So is the benefit of an enterprise data catalog.

Join Juan, Tim, and Stewart Coerver, director of sales engineering at data.world, to talk about how to untangle the data mess in your organization. Don’t get caught between an IT agenda (cost optimization, governance, status quo approaches, etc.) and business users trying to deliver meaningful and timely insights.

This episode features
  • How to be a champion for a data catalog
  • How to capitalize on the benefits of a data catalog
  • Live Q&A and chat

Special Guests:

Stewart Coerver

Stewart Coerver

Director, data.world


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