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A layered approach to data meaning and measurement

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About this episode

Data architecture is more layered than an onion. Data, metadata, access, transform, virtualization, visualization. And with the modern data stack, we’re now talking more about semantics and metrics layers.

This week, Tim and Juan are joined by Nick Handel, CEO of Transform, to talk all things semantics and metrics and why enterprises need to be thinking more about more about relationships

This episode features
  • Clear definitions for semantic layer and metrics layer and the relationships between them 

  • How to design your architecture to take advantage of semantics and metrics

  • Cake, dip, or sandwich. What is the best layered food?

Key takeaways

  • Infrastructure is not a big issue anymore - you buy snowflake and it just works.

  • Lower the bar to be savvy about your data.

  • It’s a dream to have a metrics query be very crisp/concise on the semantic layer.

Special guests

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Nick Handel Transform
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