About this episode

The modern data stack is often defined by the type of technologies that exist within it. Cloud-based, open source, low/no code tools, ELT, and reverse ETL. But surely there’s more to it… isn’t there?

What holds the modern data stack together and makes it the architecture of choice for so many data-driven enterprises? Join Tim, Juan and special guest, Nick Schrock, founder of Elementl and creator of Dagster and GraphQL, to chat about all things MDS. 

Special Guests:

Nick Schrock

Nick Schrock

Founder, Elementl

This episode features
  • Is modern data stack a methodology or a set of disparate cloud technologies?
  •  Thoughts on consolidation among MDS tools
  • Describe your reaction upon glancing at Matt Turck’s latest data landscape diagram
Key takeaways
  • Assembling MDS tech into a platform.
  • All you need is Simple MDS: cloud data warehouse, dbt, ingest, analytics.
  • Work together for operational robustness