Can Agile Practices Disrupt Data Governance? w/ Laura Madsen

About this episode

For all the incredible innovation in the field of data and analytics, one practice unfortunately remains stuck in neutral. Data governance, when applied with an agile approach that aligns with business objectives and focuses people first, can be a boon for data-driven organizations. However, most companies today still think about governance in terms of tools, workflows, or privacy and compliance.   

If data governance had a help line, it would likely be staffed by this week’s guest. Join Tim, Juan and Laura Madsen, author of “Disrupting Data Governance,” for a discussion on how we can all be better ambassadors for data.

Special Guests:

Laura Madsen

Laura Madsen

CEO, Moxy Analytics

This episode features
  • How to talk to your execs about agile data governance
  • How to measure the effectiveness of your governance program
  • What’s your favorite story of data governance malpractice?
Key takeaways
  • If there is no data quality, there is no data governance
  • The only way you know the value chain of data is through lineage
  • To start getting more usage, have to start letting go of control

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