Episode 45: What’s the Secret Recipe for DataOps?

About this episode

Accelerating the delivery of data applications is at the top of the to-do list for many enterprises. That requires overcoming friction in your data architecture, managing complex requirements, and handling a variety of semantics challenges. 

Join Tim, Juan, and Chris Bergh from Data Kitchen for a conversation about DataOps. The trio will look at how this emerging data management methodology can improve the flow of knowledge within data teams.

Special Guests:

Chris Bergh

Chris Bergh

CEO and Head Chef, DataKitchen

This episode features
  • How to create the right DataOps culture
  • Measuring the value of your DataOps strategy
  • Worst reason you’ve been called into work on your day off
Key takeaways
  • DataOps is a misnomer; It’s more about acting on the data, instead of the data itself. 
  • Learn to love your errors.
  • Start a quality circle; when something screws up, write it down. Share it.

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