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Thriving data cultures prioritize inclusion, collaboration, and transparency over command and control. They work iteratively vs. trying to "boil the ocean." But of course, this is easier said than done, right? 

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Episode 35: Do you test your data?

About this episode

We test our food. We test our cars. We test our code. But do we test our data?

Join Tim, Juan, and special guest Sam Bail from Superconductive, the company behind open source data testing tool Great Expectations. We’ll chat about how to incorporate data testing into your workflow and who should be involved. We’ll also discuss why data quality is not just a tool, but a state of mind and a commitment.

This episode features
  • Tools for test-driven data development

  • Best practices to incorporate data testing

  • Which of our hosts received the highest SAT score

Mentioned in this episode

The reason why you have domain experts on your team is because they know that stuff better than you.


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Special Guests

Avatar of Sam Bail
Sam Bail Engineering Director, Superconductive