Episode 42: Power to the Data!

About this episode

Companies spend an obscene amount of money every year on data and analytics initiatives. And almost all of that spend goes toward applications that employ vastly different data models. Normalizing data structures is a painstaking process that most IT teams are used to by now. But should we normalize normalization?

In this episode, Juan, Tim, and Dave McComb, President of Semantic Arts and author of Software Wasteland and The Data-Centric Revolution, discuss what it takes to shift from an application-centric to a data-centric mindset.

This episode features
  • What it means to be data-centric
  • How to undo decades of questionable data management practices 
  • Debate: French Revolution vs. American Revolution vs. Beatles Revolution
Key takeaways
    • Being data-centric: A simple, single, extensible model
    • You cannot buy the idea of being data-centric, it requires discipline
    • Build, buy, or rent is what companies do today — but when you do you buy yet another data model

    Special Guests:

    Dave McComb

    Dave McComb

    President, Semantic Arts

    “I think what it’s going to take is for the customers, the businesses.. to retake their own destiny… a revolution from within.”


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