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Data Models are Divas

Clock Icon 67 minutes

About this episode

We live in a data first world. Give me more and more data. But what about the meaning of that data? How should the data be modeled so it can be easily understood and consumed by data scientist and analyst?

In this episode, Tim, Juan, and Ergest Xheblati, will live discuss why data modeling should be at the core of an enterprise.

This episode features
  • How data modeling is going to change the world moving forward.

  • How to start in data modeling

  • Why are data models such freakin divas?

Key takeaways

  • For data modeling, get the right business stakeholders together.

  • EMPATHY! (+ Curiosity)

  • You are mapping CONCEPTS (digital representations) to bits and bytes.

Special guests

Avatar of Ergest Xheblati
Ergest Xheblati Lead Data Architect. Author of Minimum Viable SQL Patterns.
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