The future of data is knowledge w/ Bob Muglia

About this episode

Companies have most of the last decade in pursuit of data. We’ve waded through data lakes, explored data warehouses, routed through data hubs, and migrated our data to the cloud. But the end goal was never about the data. It was the pursuit of knowledge. 

In this special episode, Tim and Juan are joined by a legend in our industry. Bob Muglia, the former CEO of Snowflake, will hang out and chat about the modern data stack, new approaches to governance, and the search for the enterprise holy grail… knowledge

Special Guests:

Bob Muglia

Bob Muglia

Former CEO, Snowflake

This episode features
  • Demystifying the approaches between lakehouses and warehouses
  • Interesting developments in data governance technology
  • You were the first product manager for SQL Server. What’s your favorite movie SQL?
Key takeaways
  • Your first knowledge graph is of your metadata. 
  • Governance is your first data app.
  • SQL is not god’s gift to language.

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