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Why it’s time to mesh with your data architecture

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About this episode

Mesh is everywhere. It’s in our clothes, our fishing nets, our Wifi networks, and now our data architecture. But what is a data mesh? Do you need one? And if so, how do you start? 

Zhamak Dehghani is the Director of Emerging Technologies at Thoughtworks and the leading expert on data mesh. We’ll chat about the emergence of the data mesh as a concept, why the approach works for eliminating architectural silos, and how it's producing more data-driven cultures.

This episode features
  • Key tools, technologies, and skills for adopting a data mesh

  • What to do if you’re data mesh curious

  • Inspiring architectural designs outside the data space

Key takeaways

  • Data mesh is not a "thing."  It’s an approach based on decentralizing

  • Don't over think it. Do what makes sense for your organization

  • Compute + Policy + Data = one autonomous unit

Special guests

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Zhamak Dehghani Director of Emerging Technologies, ThoughtWorks
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