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February 29th:

Ensuring Highly Distributed Data is Available to All with W. R. Berkley

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Learn how WR Berkley & Singlestone Consulting supported this distributed model with modern data practices and a data catalog built on a knowledge graph.

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LIVE from the Knowledge Graph Conference

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About this episode

How do the most successful companies stitch together data governance, understanding, access, and use to create active and engaged data cultures? The answer, as usual, can be found in the knowledge graph. 

And what better place to talk nodes and edges than the Knowledge Graph Conference in New York City? In this episode, Tim and Juan are joined by conference chair, Francois Scharffe, to discuss how knowledge graphs are driving the automated enterprise.

This episode features
  • How to apply knowledge graphs to address critical business problems

  • What automation looks like when powered by a knowledge graph

  • What kind of graph is the New York Subway system?

Key takeaways

  • Complex problems can’t be solved as easily with SQL

  • Ultimately if we want to get to automated decision making

  • Let’s not be afraid of “ontology”

Special guests

Avatar of Francois Scharffe
Francois Scharffe Founder, Knowledge Graph Conference
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