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Dec 2022 How to fuel innovation with agile data governance

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Thriving data cultures prioritize inclusion, collaboration, and transparency over command and control. They work iteratively vs. trying to "boil the ocean." But of course, this is easier said than done, right? 

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The Data Entrepreneur’s Essentials w/ Brett Hurt

About this episode

What does it take to build a successful data & analytics business? An entrepreneurial spirit, a problem-solving mindset, a sense of adventure, and the strength to get started.

We are live from the All Hands and joined by Brett Hurt, CEO and co-founder of, author, and serial entrepreneur. Brett will share what it’s like to fundraise and scale a data company in this challenging economic climate, who inspires him and why, and how he sees the data and analytics landscape evolving.

This episode features
  • How to hire and retain great people

  • What we can all learn from failure

  • Recommendations for wines under $20

Key takeaways
  • Don’t use bullshit metrics and information

  • Be humble!

  • Pain can cause focus, and focus and create cultural resiliency.

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Brett Hurt CEO/ Co-founder, Author