About this episode

What does it take to build a successful data & analytics business? An entrepreneurial spirit, a problem-solving mindset, a sense of adventure, and the strength to get started.

We are live from the data.world All Hands and joined by Brett Hurt, CEO and co-founder of data.world, author, and serial entrepreneur. Brett will share what it’s like to fundraise and scale a data company in this challenging economic climate, who inspires him and why, and how he sees the data and analytics landscape evolving.

Special Guests:

Brett Hurt

Brett Hurt

CEO/ Co-founder, Author

This episode features
  • How to hire and retain great people
  • What we can all learn from failure
  • Recommendations for wines under $20
Key takeaways
  • Don’t use bullshit metrics and information
  • Be humble!
  • Pain can cause focus, and focus and create cultural resiliency.

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