June 8th:

How to Scale Data Governance Across your Modern Data Stack

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Don’t treat your Data Stack like a Fine Wine

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About this episode

Classic Rock, historical paintings, and fine wine; some things are better left untouched. When it comes to your data stack however, that rule doesn’t apply. 

Having the right foundation- a mix of tools, people, and processes- is absolutely essential to getting value from your data. Join Juan, Tim, and Brandon Chen from FiveTran for a chat about letting go of your organization’s old tools and processes and welcoming in the new.

This episode features
  • Obvious signs that it's time to change your data architecture

  • How to prevent your data stack from becoming another silo

  • Classic TV shows worth modernizing and rebooting

Key takeaways

  • "Modern" is a continuously rising bar

  • No Modern MODELING tool in the stack will be a BIG FAIL

  • Modern data stack can be tools that don’t neatly fit into boxes

Special guests

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Brandon Chen Fivetran