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What do they teach you at Data Science U?

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About this episode

The data science discipline is in a constant state of evolution with new techniques and applications being introduced almost daily. And this journey often begins at institutions of higher learning around the world. Many universities offer bachelors and masters degrees in data science, but are these programs adequately preparing the data professionals of tomorrow? 

In this episode, Juan, Tim, and Prof George Fletcher of Eindhoven University of Technology will discuss the state of data science education and explore how these programs can be extended to satisfy industry needs.

This episode features
  • What universities get right and wrong about data science education

  • What skills we should be teaching that we aren’t today

  • What should be the mascot at Data Science University?

Key takeaways

  • Data Science is not an independent focus; it encompasses things like AI, Computer Science, Legal/Ethics, etc.

  • New topics that need to be covered in these classrooms include, Philosophy of the mind, Mental Frameworks, Multiple Truth Perspectives, etc.

  • ROI: focus on key business outcomes and objectives

There's a lot of value in being able to transfer ways and frameworks of thinking... that can impact how we build better data systems and processes around our data."

-George Fletcher

Special guests

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George Fletcher Professor, TU Eindhoven