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A modern approach to data transformation

Clock Icon 38 minutes

About this episode

Data warehouses have been around for decades, and we’ve relied on data integration processes like ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) to get the data in. While data warehouses evolved to data lakes and data lakehouses, and ETL became ELT, little else has changed.

This week’s special guest is Drew Banin, co-founder of Fishtown Analytics. They’re the team behind the open source tool Data Build Tool (better known as dbt), and for disrupting the data transformation process (the T in ETL).

This episode features
  • How to build a modern tech stack for your data-driven business?

  • What started the dbt revolution?

  • If you could transform into any animal on the planet, what would it be and why?

Special guests

Avatar of Drew Banin
Drew Banin Co-founder, Fishtown Analytics