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Special Edition: Panel of Data Architecture at Knowledge Graph Conference

Clock Icon 58 minutes

About this episode

Data Architecture is evolving and there are many questions with various perspectives. What is the balance between centralization and decentralization? How do you start treating data as a product? How do you incentivize people? What’s the role of Data Mesh, Data Fabric, Knowledge Graphs? 

This special edition of Catalog and Cocktails is the Data Architecture panel from the Knowledge Graph Conference, moderated by Juan Sequeda. Listen and learn from Teresa Tung Chief Technologist of Accenture’s Cloud First group , Zhamak Dehghani director of emerging technologies at Thoughtworks and founder of Data Mesh concept, and Jay Yu, Distinguished Architect at Intuit. 

You can watch the panel here and follow Juan’s takeaways.

Special guests

Teresa Tung Chief Technologist, Accenture’s Cloud First Group
Zhamak Dehghani Director of Emerging Technologies, Thoughtworks and founder of Data Mesh concept
Jay Yu Distinguished Architect, Intuit.