Data is the new… Herman Miller Aeron Chair w/ Doug Laney

About this episode

If data, and information more broadly, is a company’s most important asset, then why is it so often treated with less respect than office furniture? It’s in various states of disarray, often unaccounted for, and employees bring it home against corporate policy. 

This week, we’re joined by Doug Laney, author of the best-selling book, “Infonomics: How to Monetize, Manage, and Measure Information as an Asset for Competitive Advantage.” We’ll talk about taking better care of your data, so it can take better care of you.

Special Guests:

Doug Laney

Doug Laney

West Monroe & Author of "Infonomics"

This episode features
  • Tips for how to truly measure the value of all your information assets
  • Steps for getting your information house in order
  • Is data the new oil, bacon, gold, oxygen, currency, or sand?
Key takeaways
  • Data is the 5th Factor of Production: land, labor, capital, and entrepreneurship, and DATA.
  • Data should be on the balance sheet for businesses.
  • Data is the new…data.

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