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October 5th:

Harnessing How Allegheny County Serves 1.2M Residents

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Join Geoffrey Arnold, Allegheny County’s Manager of Enterprise Data and Analytics, as he details how his team of five has brought together 80% of its departments with cataloged data on, how they encourage better hands-on data stewardship, and why this matters for the citizens of the county.

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Data work is much bigger than a soccer match

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About this episode

Have you ever heard someone say, “data is a team sport?” The comparison makes sense. You can’t be successful on your own, you need to work well with peers, you run up against tough opposing forces.

But we believe data work is so much more. It’s a culture. In fact, data culture is often the missing ingredient from most companies’ data strategies. If data is only useful to elite practitioners, it’s not making your organization smarter, faster, effective and data-driven.

In this episode, Juan and Tim will explore the fundamentals of data culture.

This 30-minute web series will feature
  • The stakes and opportunity of data-driven culture

  • How to activate your data workforce

  • Live Q&A and chat