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Episode 49: The Future of BI is AI

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About this episode

Business intelligence has come a long way since the early days of IBM’s decision support systems. Today BI is the backbone of many data-driven organizations, and companies often look to BI tools to help them make accurate predictions.  

 In this episode, we take a look into the future of BI, itself. Join Tim, Juan, and Ashley Kramer, the Chief Product Officer from Sisense, as they explore the intersection of BI, analytics, and artificial intelligence.

This episode features
  • How companies can take advantage of the convergence of BI and AI  

  • Separating AI reality from AI fiction

  • What one thing would you want to know about your own future?

Key takeaways

  • No end to end stack. Need to pick best in class. Be open and extensible.

  • AI shouldn’t break your process; it should guide.

  • BI is for the past. AI is prescriptive and about the future.

Special guests

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Ashley Kramer Chief Product Officer, Sisense
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