Episode 31: Has Business Intelligence Jumped the Shark?

About this episode

There’s a dashboard for everything in the enterprise now, so it’s easy to answer your complex questions in graphical form. And new features like natural language processing (NLP) make interactions and queries faster and easier than ever. But surely there’s more on the horizon in BI and analytics, right?

Join Tim, Juan and special guest Peter Bailis, CEO of Sisu Data for a conversation on the current state of business intelligence and data analytics. We will also discuss what’s next and the all important question: why?

This episode features
  • The state of BI today
  • The evolution of BI and why it’s no longer “the new black”
  • Where analytics should be heading
  • The data-driven culture and why it matters
  • Tim and Juan’s New Year’s resolutions

Special Guests:

Peter Bailis

Peter Bailis

Founder and CEO, Sisu Data


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