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Dec 2022 How to fuel innovation with agile data governance

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Thriving data cultures prioritize inclusion, collaboration, and transparency over command and control. They work iteratively vs. trying to "boil the ocean." But of course, this is easier said than done, right? 

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Season Finale: A Look Back at Season One

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What started as an experiment and a way to kick back with colleagues and peers on a video call, turned into a thriving, honest, no BS podcast about enterprise data management. 

Hosts Juan and Tim embarked on this journey that turned into a 50-episode series. The episodes boasted conversation topics spanning from identity graphs, modern data stacks, and building data teams, all the way to data lineage, data trust issues and learning what a CDO actually does. Our audience heard vulnerable and transparent talks from leaders at companies like AirBnB, McKinsey and Company, Wunderman Thompson and more.

Join in this season finale for a look back at season one and a candid talk about the lessons learned.

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