Season Finale: A Look Back at Season One

Jun 3, 2021

About this episode

What’s the old saying? “The journey IS the destination.”

What started as an experiment and a way to kick back with colleagues and peers on a video call, turned into a thriving, honest, no BS podcast about enterprise data management. 

Hosts Juan and Tim embarked on this journey that turned into a 50-episode series. The episodes boasted conversation topics spanning from identity graphs, modern data stacks, and building data teams, all the way to data lineage, data trust issues and learning what a CDO actually does. Our audience heard vulnerable and transparent talks from leaders at companies like AirBnB, McKinsey and Company, Wunderman Thompson and more.


Join in this season finale for a look back at season one and a candid talk about the lessons learned.


This episode features


  • Season Takeaways
  • Best Moments