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The three most important letters in data & analytics are W-H-Y


About this episode

Analytics are great for answering the “what.” Did we hit our sales targets or not? Did our supply chain hold up under the strain of a prolonged pandemic? But smart data leaders recognize that real transformational insights come from people, processes, and tools that answer the bigger question of “why.” 

Join Tim, Juan and special guest Luke Slotwinski, VP of Data & Analytics at Prologis, to discuss how data leaders can empower their teams by asking for more from their data.

This episode features
  • Questions everyone should be asking about their data

  • Critical tools and skills for diving deeper into data and analysis

  • Why did the chicken cross the road? Data-driven answers only, please.

Key takeaways

  • Go slow to go fast.

  • Problems are not at the aggregated metrics layer. It’s at the substance/concepts/semantic layer.

  • Reporting is the less dynamic, read-out approach to information.

Special guests

Avatar of Luke Slotwinski
Luke Slotwinski VP of Data & Analytics, Prologis
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