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October 5th:

Harnessing How Allegheny County Serves 1.2M Residents

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Join Geoffrey Arnold, Allegheny County’s Manager of Enterprise Data and Analytics, as he details how his team of five has brought together 80% of its departments with cataloged data on, how they encourage better hands-on data stewardship, and why this matters for the citizens of the county.

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What does a Chief Data Officer do?

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About this episode

If data is the new oil, does that mean the Chief Data Officer is the new baron? Not exactly, but it is one of the fastest growing and most critical executive roles in the enterprise. Not all CDO roles, or organizations are created equal. In fact, in many ways this position is still being defined. 

In this episode, Tim and Juan welcome special guest Mohammed Aaser, CDO at McKinsey & Company, the world’s largest management consulting firm. We’ll discuss the unique responsibilities and challenges for a CDO in an increasingly data-driven economy. Plus, we’ll learn how the firm builds and maintains its thriving data culture.

This episode features
  • How a CDO drives critical value for the business

  • Future trends and potential disruptions in the data space

  • Who would make a better CDO, Tim or Juan?

Key takeaways
  • Be a data entrepreneur, and consider innovation, technology, and enablement

  • You must evangelize a data-driven culture, and build a cross-functional data community

  • Take a persona-based approach, and empathize with the different needs that exist

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Special guests

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Mohammed Aaser Chief Data Officer, McKinsey & Company