Chief Data Officer

Lay the foundation for smarter, faster data-driven decisions—company wide.


of Chief Data Officers hired by 2019 will succeed.

Better, faster decisions beat competitors. Your people need to access, understand, and use data 24/7, but most employees don’t know where to start. As Chief Data Officer, this is your career-defining moment. The stakes couldn’t be higher, and the opportunity is staggering.


For your full workforce

Your foundation must be strong and scalable to succeed. gives you the tools to make your entire workforce—not just your advanced data workers— productive, confident, and skilled with self-service data and analysis. And since it’s SaaS, you’ll have up and running quickly.

  • Multiply the number of people using data and analysis in their day-to-day work.
  • Make it easier for anyone to access, understand, and analyze the data they need.
  • Ensure data and analysis is properly governed and always compliant . 

True self-service

Your catalog must be the hub for data and analysis. In, data and context travel together so people can build on existing work instead of starting from scratch. With a powerful API and 40+ existing integrations, connects to the tools and data sources they use today—and the tools they’ll use in the future.

  • Provide a common, self-service resource for everything your people need to win with data.
  • Collect and catalog your data and analysis wherever it lives, automatically.
  • Integrate easily with your governance and compliance systems.



Collective Data Empowerment

Learn how to make everyone more productive with data—not just the data elite.

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