Chief Data Officer

Multiply data’s value as a strategic asset and a force for great decisions company-wide.


of Chief Data Officers hired by 2019 will succeed.

As Chief Data Officer, you champion your company’s data strategy. You can impact everything from EBITDA to productivity. You need to build the foundation for governance and analytics so data can become competitive advantage. So what do you need from a data catalog investment?


See the catalog for data discovery, governance, access, and analysis.

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Empower your full workforce to make smarter, faster, data-driven decisions’s data catalog helps you help everyone be productive, confident, and skilled with self-service data and analysis. Not only your advanced data workers.

  • Deliver a united view of all your trusted data and analysis, wherever it lives.
  • Make it easier for anyone to discover, understand, and analyze the data they need.
  • Govern access, use, and sharing of all data assets.

Give everyone tools to increase the value of company data assets

Our enterprise data catalog manages data as assets. It integrates data and analysis into business workflows, removes functional barriers with inclusive collaboration, and makes data work reusable.

  • Connect to existing workflows with 40+  integrations to the tools your people love using.
  • Tap subject matter experts across your company and improve data teamwork with their input.
  • Find reusable assets like trusted datasets, documentation, and analysis to kickstart new initiatives.


Collective Data Empowerment

Learn how to make everyone more productive with data—not just the data elite.

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What’s your role?

Analyst & Data Scientist

Get the data, context, and teamwork you need to experiment, evaluate, and decide.

Chief Data Officer

Multiply data's value as a strategic asset and a force for great decisions company-wide.

IT & Data Engineer

Create secure, reliable access to any data source and make it easy for anyone to use.

Data Steward

Scale self-service analytics with governed access to all your trusted data.