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Your data is very important to you, and to us. We take your trust seriously.

System and Application Security

  • Private network for applications and data

  • Host Intrusion detection and File Integrity Monitoring software

  • Rigorous change management and Software Development Lifecycle

  • Annual penetration test and code analysis by third-party security firm

  • Regular application of operating system and software library security patches

Access Control

  • Support for Single Sign On and user provisioning through SAML

  • Role based access controls (RBAC)

  • Least-privilege authorization between application services and database

  • Temporary credentials for all system access

Data Protection

  • All data is encrypted while in transit on public networks and at rest

  • Regular rotation of encryption and authentication keys

  • Multiple secure, encrypted backups in geographically distributed data centers


  • 24/7 staff on-call for incident management

  • Any service impacting event is communicated through Additionally, members may get support at

Assurance Programs

SOC 2 Type II: has completed its third party SOC 2 audit and has been issued a 2022 report

HIPAA: has obtained an affirmative HIPAA opinion. Contact to obtain our form BAA


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