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Unite data, analysis, and people in the data catalog designed for discovery, productivity, and teamwork.


EBITDA gains for data-driven companies

Your data investment won’t pay off until your people can find, understand, and use it. A data catalog connects data, analysis, and people for fast discovery, deep analysis, and effective teamwork.

Give people a better way to discover, generate, and share valuable business knowledge

Make it easy: Connect your tools and data sources in seconds, not weeks—they’ll stay synced.

Get the full story:  Catalog and classify your data, metadata, and analysis for a detailed, contextual view of any data asset—automatically.

Trust your sources: Trace decisions all the way back to the data that informed them.

Light up your business: Bring rogue data into the light so it becomes knowledge your business can use.

Improve data usability and multiply its value

Achieve with confidence: Make decisions with clean, consistent, accessible data.

Use everything you’ve got: Join and query across different datasets, sources, and even file types—wherever they live.

Find things faster: Search across data, discussions, analysis, and more, or follow smart suggestions to what you need.

Find the right experts: Discover prior work and expert coworkers so fewer projects start from scratch.

Start by finding your rogue data and hidden data workforce

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In order to bring everyone together to find, share, and use data more effectively, you need to know what tools they use today.

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Chief Data Officer

Lay the foundation for smarter, faster data-driven decisions—company wide.

Analyst & Data Scientist

Get the data, context, and support you need to make great business decisions—no bottlenecks.

IT & Data Engineer

Meet diverse data needs, company-wide, with one platform.

Data Steward

Scale self-service data access while improving ease of use.