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Save time, risk, and effort by documenting as you go.


of IT decision-makers have a high level of trust in their organization's analytics.

How do you know if you can trust a dataset? Is last quarter’s analysis useful today? Data and analytics work is hard to validate.’s cloud data catalog makes it easy to get more mileage from existing work. A data catalog records activity, makes suggestions, and helps people discover relevant data and analysis.

Skip the first mile

Reuse what works: Give new projects a head start by pre-loading trusted data assets, like fact tables, queries, docs, transforms, and insights.

See what shaped decisions: Keep everything you need to review analysis in one place, from raw data to processes, insights, contributors, and usage info.

Reinforce best practices: Deploy, monitor, and improve data-driven behaviors company-wide from a single platform.

Grow data's value as you use it

Enrich with activity: Each new insight, comment, join, and query makes the data more useful to the next person.

Surface related assets: Define relationships between your data, people, and the ways they work together. Smart recommendations uncover helpful related resources.

Record the changes: Automatically document how data and projects grow and change so you never have to wonder how you arrived at a particular insight months later.

How the Associated Press puts news in the heart of hundreds of newsrooms

Most of the work in a data project is caught up in that ‘unglamorous 80%’—finding the data, vetting it, cleaning it, coming to understand its limitations. We were doing that for all of these stories anyway, so why not let our members benefit from that head start?

Troy Thibodeaux

Editor, Interactive Newsroom Technology, The Associated Press

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