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of C-level executives want to build a more data-driven culture.

Modern data governance should encourage access, use, and exploration. But rigid permissions, along with tools designed solely for advanced data workers, exclude more people than they empower. With’s cloud data catalog, your business defines the right balance between access and security. And the same data that makes up the heartbeat of your business can be used creatively for business breakthroughs.

Data stewards assure data’s quality to instill user trust. IT leaders can maintain secure, role-based access. Chief data officers and other data leaders get a complete picture of their data ecosystem. Different teams finally have a common understanding of what the data means—and what it can do.

Protect the security, privacy, and integrity of your data

Manage data securely: Maintain compliance using audit logs and versioning, whether you store data in the cloud, on-premises, or use something in between.

Connect your stack: Use your existing governance systems for consistency and apply fact tables or business definitions to data as it’s added.

Stay curious: Encourage creativity without sacrificing the stability. Multiple data projects can use the same data independently without affecting the original data or other projects.

Build your self-service analytics ecosystem

Improve data literacy: Give everyone the tools they need to access data, use it compliantly, and contribute knowledge to continuously enhance your data’s value.

Connect your experts: Discussion threads give domain experts, analysts, and other colleagues a familiar way to ask questions, share ideas, and clarify concepts.

Get a bird’s-eye view: Understand how people use data, spot patterns and problems, and act swiftly to keep everything running smoothly.

How can governance accelerate your data-driven business?

Learn how the world’s leading organizations are managing data access at scale.


Collective Data Empowerment

Learn how to make everyone more productive with data—not just the data elite.

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