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of C-level execs say people challenges are the greatest barrier to becoming data-driven

An enterprise data catalog helps your business increase the value of data and analysis. Technical skills should complement subject matter expertise, but most technology stacks keep them in different lanes. helps everyone with data, from the data engineer running ETL jobs, to the analyst writing queries, to the data novice asking questions. Our cloud-native SaaS data catalog makes data teamwork transparent, productive, and fast.

Support the full data lifecycle

Start ahead: Find project-relevant data, analysis, and questions so you can build on prior work.

Stay on the same page: Work from a common understanding of data’s meaning, origin, and changes.

Use the best tools: People do their best work when using tools they love.’s 40+ integrations span the data literacy spectrum, including Excel, R, and Tableau.

Collaborate continuously

Get back to it: Tailored feeds show you team, collaborator, and project progress as soon as you log on.

Don’t miss a beat: Proactive alerts share what’s new, when it happened, and how you can contribute.

Share as you go: Capture ideas, questions, ideas, and results alongside the data so you don’t have to slow down to stay in sync.

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