Your cloud-native enterprise data catalog. makes data and analysis…

Findable and accessible with natural-language search that knows what you want

Trusted and up-to-date so your reports are always on point

Connected and in-context using linked data to answer tough questions

Reusable and portable so analysts can focus on new insights, not redundant work

Collaborative and actionable so teams can work on projects in real-time

Can your data catalog do this?

All your knowledge gives you complete context, so you actually understand the data, whether it’s in the cloud or on-prem. This includes metadata, dashboards, analysis, code, docs, project management, and social collaboration features.

Born in the cloud

We’ve been cloud-native from day one. Our multi-tenant offerings are highly available, scale bigger, perform better, and evolve faster. And as a SaaS company, we provide open and transparent pricing

Agile innovation is the only enterprise data catalog with a continuous release cycle. That means our platform is always getting better, and your data tools are never out of date. To access the latest features and capabilities, just refresh your browser.

Powered by a knowledge graph automatically builds a connected web of data and insights so you can explore the relationships within. Get recommendations on related assets to enrich your analysis. The more you use’s patented knowledge graph technology, the smarter you and your data get.

Real-time integration

Deploy faster and extend your capabilities farther with’s growing array of one-click, pre-built integrations, connectors, and APIs.

One-of-a-kind expertise built the world’s largest open data community. Imagine what we’ve learned from hundreds of thousands of users, datasets, and interactions. This deep and unrivaled knowledge informs everything we do for enterprises, too.

The catalog that says, “I got this” is a fully managed service, born in the cloud, and optimized for modern data architectures. That means we handle all updates, migrations, and maintenance. Set up is fast and simple with a large and growing ecosystem of pre-built integrations including all of the major cloud data warehouses. When time-to-value is critical, your team needs to solve real business problems, not fight with hard-to-manage data software.

The catalog for understandable data

To tackle complex data governance and compliance challenges, you need to gain control of all your data assets, wherever they live. And with hefty million-plus-dollar fines for noncompliance, you can’t afford to wait on lengthy, costly software installs, upgrades, and patches.’s SaaS data catalog is quick to deploy and easier to use, so you can inventory and understand all your data and metadata assets and act on a clear, informed data strategy.

The catalog for metadata and data management

Most data catalog software focuses on metadata management and governance. Important as those capabilities are, they don’t address the full scope of what an enterprise data catalog can and should do. Built on an enterprise knowledge graph and data virtualization platform, delivers powerful search and discovery capabilities along with self-service analytics and collaboration, so your entire workforce can be data-enabled. Our catalog-as-a-service platform makes it easy for IT and business users to get more from data.

Inventory, curate, and govern all your data and metadata

Quickly and easily connect to and catalog data from any source including on-prem and cloud databases, business intelligence dashboards and reports, filesystems, shared drives, SaaS tools, APIs, and more.

  • Tag and classify assets and certify for use via approval workflows, leveraging machine learning to get — and stay — organized
  • Edit related assets in bulk for quick, efficient updates that keep everything aligned
  • Identify the highest and lowest-demand data resources and top contributors
  • Perform detailed data troubleshooting and impact analysis with high-level and technical lineage of tables, columns, views, queries, transforms, additions, edits, and more

Turn every user into a valuable data contributor

Agile data governance opens up traditionally restricted governance functions reserved for a core team of stewards. This modern, iterative approach captures your entire team’s expertise and knowledge and enhances collaboration between data producers and data consumers.

  • Manage crowdsourced governance and data access requests
  • Apply changes and permissions to assets in bulk
  • Empower everyone– regardless of role– to collaborate on data

Find and access data and analysis the moment you need it

Search, explore, and understand data across disparate sources to find and reproduce prior analysis and reports built by your analyst teams.

  • Data virtualization connectors provide instant access to cloud data warehouses and on-premises data stores
  • Explore, understand, and join data with powerful cross-platform query
  • Full SQL and SPARQL support and training to improve your skills

Improve data scientist and analyst productivity

Focus on new ideas and insights rather than recreating models and reports. Publish knowledge assets with connected data, documentation, and analysis, making it easy for others to reuse and reproduce.

  • Save and share data queries, document data, methodology, analysis, and findings
  • Version every step for history, context, and reproducibility
  • Keep peers up to date with real-time alerts and newsfeed updates

Empower people, teams, and organizations with data

Get started quickly, stay up-to-date with the latest features, and scale your team and projects as business needs demand. Our UX is designed for your full team with Google-like search, Slack-like collaboration, and Amazon-like data fulfillment and governance.

  • Track team activity and trends and find relevant content via active newsfeed
  • Create and apply business descriptions and technical definitions, so everyone understands data in the same way
  • Collaborate in real-time with teammates and subject matter experts

Connect your vast data ecosystem

Get more from your existing data management stack, improve workflows and business processes, and build powerful new apps. Or assemble your modern data architecture. Bring metadata into via our easy-deploy collection agent, API, file transfer, or import from an existing catalog, governance, or metadata management solution

  • Growing ecosystem of 50+ enterprise tool integrations across the entire data lifecycle
  • Use our comprehensive webhooks for real-time, event-driven integration notifications
  • Build and connect custom apps with the same API that powers our 3rd party integration gallery

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