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Identity Graph: The New Customer 360

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About this episode

What’s the best way to get to know your customers? For most companies the solution is creating a 360 profile using data integration, data warehouse, master data management, and a slew of marketing tools. But there is another option: the Identity Graph.

Join Tim, Juan, and guests Michael Murray and Bret Harper of Wunderman Thompson Data for a look at how and why Identity Graphs are disrupting the company-customer relationship.

This episode features
  • What an identity graph is and why you need one

  • Why graph technology is a game changer for understanding customers

  • The true identity of St. Patrick and what he might buy if he were alive today

Key takeaways
  • Don't boil the ocean: focus on your KPIs and most relevant data

  • Privacy expectations evolve. It's about the people, not the device or browser

  • The graph is not a new chapter, but a new book entirely. Scale relationships and data like never before

Mentioned in this episode

Our business is all about relationships. Today, we can now do in 12 hours what we couldn't do in six months. We can hypothesize about a new data element that we think can be meaningful to our graph of 270 million people.

Special guests

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Michael Murray President & Chief Product Officer, Wunderman Thompson Data
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