June 8th:

How to Scale Data Governance Across your Modern Data Stack

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Documents and Clouds and Graphs, Oh My!

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About this episode

The data landscape has evolved substantially over the last decade. We’ve gone from data lakes to data hubs to lake houses. We see data represented as documents, columns, graphs, and time series. So how might this evolution continue over the next ten years?

To help us ponder this question, Juan and Tim are bringing in Emil Eifrem, CEO of Neo4j. We’ll take a look at how we got to this point, and what new data management challenges and opportunities await.

This episode features
  • A look at database categories that may spring up over the next decade

  • Positives and negatives of database standardization

  • What’s changed the most about the hosts/guest over the past 10 years?

Key takeaways

  • There are very few domains which are inherently table oriented

  • Data Lake → data scientist → code centric

  • Cloud DW → data analyst. → sql centric

Special guests

Avatar of Emil Eifrem
Emil Eifrem CEO and Co-founder, Neo4j