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78% of U.S. online news consumers trust articles more when they can easily access the data behind the claims.

—"How access to data affects trust in news,"

“We thought if we could put this data into the hands of our members and customers, they could find stories in the data we’d never see, particularly when they look for the angle most interesting for their audience.”

—Troy Thibodeaux, data journalism team editor, AP

Find stories in data faster.

Discover data with structured search, tags, and alerts.

Quickly slice big datasets by location, date, etc. Export results as CSV, Excel, R, Python, Tableau, and more. Case Study

Case Study

With, AP journalism moves at the speed of news. Learn how one of the world's top news networks brought together journalists of all skill levels to create data-driven stories that get to publication faster and more efficiently.

Keep context within reach.

Create shared understanding with annotated data dictionaries and column descriptions.

Organize the discussion, exchange ideas, and publish queries and visualizations.

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