Coming to a catalog near you in fall 2022

The modern data stack is complex and constantly evolving. Traditional data catalogs have a hard time cataloging the volume and diversity of data being ingested, let alone enabling data teams to use it. Without new ways of navigating and understanding the web of relationships that form the data supply chain, it is difficult – if not impossible – to trust, understand, report on, or audit the data and analytics ecosystem. Launching in fall 2022, with Eureka Explorer™ will deliver powerful graph visualizations that simplify data landscape management.

What is Eureka Explorer™?

VP of Product Management Tim Gasper demos a preview of Eureka Explorer™ at the spring summit

Eureka Explorer™ is a map of data and relationships powered by the knowledge graph that simplifies the analysis of relationships between data, people, and insights. It bridges the gap between semantic business concepts and column-level technical lineage of the modern data stack with easy-to-navigate graph visualizations. with Eureka Explorer™ makes understanding your organization’s data landscape effortless, delivering an enriched view of metadata for a more valuable, contextual catalog. 

How will it help me?

Eureka Explorer™ will enable you to visually explore your knowledge graph, helping prevent data hairballs or spaghetti infrastructure from forming. Data engineers and data architects will benefit from an improved view into impact and risk planning, operational awareness, and root cause analysis, while analysts will appreciate the deeper look into data provenance. 

Whether your functional expertise is more upstream or downstream, this capability delivers both data producers and consumers a better, more powerful way to analyze your organization’s data ecosystem. is the only data catalog that shows you the clusters, transformations, popular data resources, and more. You can see the forest from the trees AND zoom into the trees for more granular insight.

Learn more about with Eureka™

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