Analyst & Data Scientist

Get the data, context, and teamwork you need to experiment, evaluate, and decide.

Most of the work in a data project is caught up in that ‘unglamorous 80%’—finding the data, vetting it, cleaning it, coming to understand its limitations. We were doing that for all of these stories anyway, so why not let our members benefit from that head start?

Troy Thibodeaux

Editor, Interactive Newsroom Technology, The Associated Press

Create workflows from data sources to insights without reinventing the wheel. Free yourself from infrastructure complexity. Work with trusted data and collaborate fluidly to achieve business goals faster.


A workspace that cuts time to impact

You’re paid to make an impact, but you spend hours every day searching for, prepping, and organizing the right data. connects the metadata, peer discussions, and business context to trusted data. You’ll find and analyze it sooner so you can make great decisions faster.

  • Ramp-up in no time with an intuitive workspace and data views organized by business topic.
  • Avoid duplicate work with easy discovery of reusable data, documentation, and analysis.
  • Keep collaborative projects tied to business context and trusted data.

A data catalog that adapts to your needs is a data catalog designed to help you understand data quickly and plug it into your workflows. You’ll get to analysis faster without spinning up new databases or breaking your flow to manually document. And you can stick with the tools you love to use, like R, Tableau, Python, and Slack.

We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend! Square Panda had the biggest campaign to date and was able to increase sales by 2919.6% year over year on Amazon Prime Day with the help of’s talented team and technology. They created the tools and also connected the dots to help run the analytics side of our business and continue our mission. has helped make data accessible across our teams from marketing to product to sales. When every team can contribute, access, and use data in ways that help them meet their goals, Square Panda’s mission of teaching children how to read continues to grow.

Debbie Heimowitz

VP of Marketing , Square Panda

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Analyst & Data Scientist

Get the data, context, and teamwork you need to experiment, evaluate, and decide.

Chief Data Officer

Multiply data's value as a strategic asset and a force for great decisions company-wide.

IT & Data Engineer

Create secure, reliable access to any data source and make it easy for anyone to use.

Data Steward

Scale self-service analytics with governed access to all your trusted data.