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A half day of new ideas, practical guidance, and journeys into the latest innovations in data practices, technology, and leadership.

Get excited for bold perspectives and mind-blowing speakers from Snowflake, Booz Allen, LinkedIn, Fivetran, The Zebra, DataKitchen, and Fishtown Analytics.

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3/25/2021 @ 11am CT

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Featured speakers

Kirk Borne, Ph.D.
Kirk Borne, Ph.D.
Kirk Borne, Ph.D.
Kirk Borne, Ph.D.
Kirk Borne, Ph.D.
Kirk Borne, Ph.D.
Kirk Borne, Ph.D.
Kirk Borne, Ph.D.

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1001 Free Things You Can Do With Your Data to Achieve Analytics Mastery

Kirk Borne, P.h.D, Principal Data Scientist, Booz Allen

In this talk, Dr. Borne will review the algorithms of machine learning and data science that help to discover patterns and insights from data. From there, he will identify numerous business applications and use cases that can deliver innovation and inspiration from those insights. In all cases, the goal is to deliver business value from rich data assets, and not just “one and done”, but multiple opportunities to generate value from the same data set. 

Agile practices for data governance

Jon Loyens, Chief Product Officer,

Most high-functioning enterprises today embrace a culture of openness, collaboration, and reuse. In this session, learn how to turn your data governance strategy into a critical business value driver. Get ready to run your first agile data sprint with the right people on your team.

Data product managers: the missing link

Juan Sequeda, Principal Scientist,
Jon Loyens, Chief Product Officer,

To succeed in today’s data-driven economy, businesses need reliable data with the right people who take responsibility. But who sits at the intersection of data producers and data consumers? In this session, we’ll dig into the emerging data role that’s key to this: the data product manager.

Panel: What’s in your modern data stack?

Claire Look, VP of data, The Zebra
Clarke Patterson, Head of Market Intelligence, Snowflake
Barr Yaron, Product Manager, Metadata, Fishtown Analytics
Brandon Chen, Product Marketing, Fivetran

Getting more value from your data is easier said than done. That’s why having the right foundation- a mix of tools, people, and processes- is absolutely essential. In this session, we’ll explore the latest innovations and best practices in data integration, data warehousing, metadata, and more.

A conversation with Pablos Holman

Pablos Holman, Hacker & Inventor
Brett Hurt, CEO & Co-Founder,

This one’s for the data people who keep their eyes on the horizon, who don’t get distracted by shiny objects, silver bullets, or buzzwords.

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