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Barr Moses
Brett Hurt
Brett Hurt
Brett Hurt
Kirk Borne, Ph.D.
Tim Gasper
Zhamak Dehghani
Brett Hurt
Brett Hurt
Bryon Jacob
Tim Gasper
Tim Gasper
Doug Laney
Doug Laney
Brett Hurt
Jon Loyens
Kirk Borne, Ph.D.
Tim Gasper
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Brett Hurt, CEO & Co-Founder,

Data Mesh: What It Is and How It Will Change the Way You Work

Zhamak Dehghani, Director of Emerging Technologies, ThoughtWorks

Customer Spotlight: Verisk

Catalogs, Observability, and the DataOps Ecosystem: It’s All About the Metadata!

Barr Moses, CEO & Co-Founder, Monte Carlo
Jon Loyens, CPO & Co-Founder,

Emerging Roles: Knowledge Scientists and Data Product Managers

Tim Gasper, VP of Product,
Juan Sequeda, Principal Scientist,

Customer Spotlight: WPP

DataOps Implementers Panel: How the Modern Data Stack is Evolving

Justin Magruder, CDO, Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC)
Bess Schrader, Senior Knowledge Management Consultant, Enterprise Knowledge
Guy Adams, CTO,
Patrick McGarry, Head of Strategic Partnerships,

Customer Spotlight: White Lion

Infonomics: The New Economics of Information

Doug Laney, Innovation Fellow, Data & Analytics Strategy, West Monroe

How Implementing Agile Data Governance Boosts Data Literacy Across Your Organization

Jon Loyens, CPO & Co-Founder,

Customer Spotlight: Vopak

A Conversation with The Working Ontologist

Dean Allemang, Principal Consultant, The Working Ontologist, LLC.
Bryon Jacob, CTO & Co-Founder,


Customer Spotlight: Prologis

Product Tour: Collaborating in Context to Answer Your Business Questions

Mo Dodge, Sales Engineer,

Product Tour: Open and Extensible – Unlocking The Power of Metadata

Brendon Murn, Sales Engineer,

What’s New and What’s Next for

Tim Gasper, VP of Product,
Lydia Guarino, Product Engineering Manager, summit fall 2021

This one’s for the data people who keep their eyes on the horizon, who don’t get distracted by shiny objects, silver bullets, or buzzwords.

How to iteratively capture knowledge as data producers and consumers work together so everyone can benefit

How to determine the business value of a modern data catalog

How to take advantage of knowledge graphs’ ability to connect data with meaning

How customers are reaching new levels of business value

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