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Meet diverse data needs, company-wide, with one platform.

We know that context is key and it is critical for data professionals to share the overall context in which the numbers exist, as numbers alone don’t tell the whole story. We need to be cognizant that every statistic fits into the context of a real-life narrative and we need to be aware of its impact.

Ella Hilal, PhD

Director of Data Science, Shopify

In typical tech stacks, data gets lost, stops syncing, loses its meaning. People create their own workarounds, take shortcuts, and create redundant spreadsheets. Maintaining and enforcing a secure, stable environment for the data people need seems impossible.


Meet people where they are

Don’t apply another insufficient, rigid solution. You can connect your people to the data they need, the tools they want to use, and the teams they rely on.  

  • Understand and safely integrate rogue data and other forms of shadow IT.
  • Get more from the tech stack you already have.
  • Implement a secure solution that grows with you and adapts as your needs change.

Same stack, smarter teams is the platform that makes your existing data stack more valuable. It’s designed and priced to help you create a data-driven culture without leaving people behind.

  • Auto ingest and manage access to data wherever it lives, in any format.
  • Cut costs and minimize change management with 40+ integrations.
  • Maintain security, compliance, and governance across teams with ease.

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