IT & Data Engineer

Create secure, reliable access to any data source and make it easy for anyone to use.

We know that context is key and it is critical for data professionals to share the overall context in which the numbers exist, as numbers alone don’t tell the whole story. We need to be cognizant that every statistic fits into the context of a real-life narrative and we need to be aware of its impact.

Ella Hilal, PhD

Director of Data Science, Shopify

In complex enterprise environments, data goes stale and context drifts. The constant influx of new data makes your job harder.  To maintain and enforce secure, stable data access seems impossible. Enter’s data catalog.


Build secure data flows from source systems to analysis connects to all your data sources because it’s powered by a knowledge graph. Our enterprise data catalog makes it easy to integrate, clean, and secure the data your teams need.

  • Present data from on-premises and cloud sources via virtualized connections and APIs, mirror security policies, and refresh in real-time and batch.
  • Smoothly onboard new data sources with configurable tooling to automate fault-tolerant data pipelines.
  • Know who’s using what to keep high-demand systems from becoming bottlenecks.

Help any data user be more productive

Connect your people and teams to the data they need and the tools they love using in your data catalog.

  • Power data workflows with 40+ pre-built integrations for end-users, including BI, data prep, ML, collaboration, and more.
  • Transform disparate data sources into clean, normalized views, ready for analysts, data scientists, and others.
  • Make sure data stays up-to-date and available regardless of its location.

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Stop fielding ad-hoc data requests from your colleagues and make your data more accessible for them by connecting your cloud data to our catalog.

What’s your role?

Analyst & Data Scientist

Get the data, context, and teamwork you need to experiment, evaluate, and decide.

Chief Data Officer

Multiply data's value as a strategic asset and a force for great decisions company-wide.

IT & Data Engineer

Create secure, reliable access to any data source and make it easy for anyone to use.

Data Steward

Scale self-service analytics with governed access to all your trusted data.