Knowledge Graph

How do you make data more useful?

How Linked Data Creates Data Cultures

Prepare for a new understanding of what’s possible. Linked Data changes everything.

Most businesses have more data than they know what to do with. When speed is the ultimate competitive advantage, quickly surfacing the right information to answer a question (or recall how you did so last time) can seem impossible.

Your business won’t thrive on Big Data alone; you need useful data. The secret to speed and scale helps you navigate and enhance the way you collect, use, and understand your data: the knowledge graph.


Instant efficiency

Getting a Google-like experience with better search, discovery, and smart suggestions doesn’t require huge, expensive changes to your existing data stack. As data and analysis flow into’s data catalog, they enter a knowledge graph that traces the connections and relationships across your data, teams, and processes.

  • Spend less time on data prep: Automatically normalize data to support querying across files, even datasets. No wait, no extra work needed. Your analysts will thank you.
  • Be consistent: Align data from the entire organization with consistent definitions and formats for common categories like product codes, vendor IDs, and more.
  • Improve accuracy: Automatically flag and fix variations in column names and data as you work, which immediately boosts  data discoverability and usability. understands that “Zip” and “Zip Code” are likely the same thing, for example, and will even suggest pre-filled columns to slice and dice by state, county, etc.
  • Get smart guidance as you explore: Find what you need faster. Get in-line suggestions on related data to enhance analysis right in your workspace.

Network effects

  • Reduce redundancies and promote collaboration: See when others are working on similar or related projects, then join forces for better outcomes.
  • Enhance analysis: Do more on one screen. Without leaving your workspace, get intelligent suggestions on related columns you can add right in for aggregating, slicing, and dicing.  Uncover latent variables by consulting the knowledge graph. It’s as easy as clicking a button.
  • Grow data’s value over time: The more you use, the more connections and relationships will be found. As your data catalog gets smarter, so do you.

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