What would it do for your company if everyone, from a Snowflake admin to a business analyst, could explore the Data Cloud and find exactly what they need in seconds? And not just raw data but full context, analysis, and provenance that was well understood and trusted. 

It's time to stop thinking about data governance as solely a tool for risk, compliance, and data protection. Instead, let's think bigger. At data.world, we believe data governance should fuel productivity and data empowerment. We call this Agile Data Governance, and we're pleased to bring it to Snowflake customers as part of the Data Governance Accelerated Program. 

With the Snowflake Data Governance features now natively integrated into data.world, our joint customers enjoy improved productivity through faster, more data inclusive culture with fully formed insights from their Snowflake data assets. Data teams will gain full visibility into the entire data landscape to: 

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Build revenue-driving data products with a Knowledge Graph

data.world is a knowledge-graph based data catalog and governance platform. Because all of the metadata and data is logically organized in a graph rather than a table, it is extremely easy to map data assets to key business concepts, bridging the gaps between business and technology

Getting answers to critical business questions such as “which data products can I use to understand buying patterns and predict churn,” or commands like, “identify redundant third party data sources to save money,” are fairly simple tasks. The illustration below shows how such business-level concepts can be easily modeled as a semantic layer in a graph data structure to improve the data team’s productivity with speedier and more accurate search results. 

Knowledge Graph Graphic

Figure A

Both Snowflake object tagging & dynamic data masking are now natively integrated into data.world. Any user can search and understand how they are being used, who is responsible and which data objects (e.g.  columns, tables/views, databases, warehouses, etc.) are related to them. In addition, users can request access to these catalog’s resources and suggest changes even if they are not the data owners. Building  a collaboration team environment is the foundation to foster an inclusive data culture that lies at the heart of agile data governance.

Snowflake Masking Policy Screenshot

Figure B

Unlock new insights while protecting sensitive data

data.world is currently the only data catalog that provides deep usage metrics through a governance reporting layer powered by Snowflake.  These metrics provide insights into how each data asset impacts their business objectives, including analysis on user interactions with the catalog, how each data resource is being consumed and by whom, and for what purpose. 

The Snowflake Data Governance Access History tracks activity including read and write operations on Snowflake’s tables, views, or any columns. By augmenting this additional usage data with data.world metrics, our customers gain deeper insights on the relative popularity of each data asset to the business (Figure C).  Data that is being used most frequently is likely more valuable, while low usage or unused data can be considered for archiving or deletion to save storage space and cost and improve efficiency for data discovery

Of course it’s important for companies to balance access and insights with data privacy. That’s also fundamental for agile data governance to work. Customers can use Snowflake’s object tagging and dynamic data masking capabilities with data.world’s sensitive data discovery to track & protect sensitive data for compliance and regulatory requirements such as GDPR and CCPA. 

Resource detail screenshot

Figure C

Gain actionable knowledge into Snowflake data assets

Accomplished executives understand that knowledge - not merely data - is the most powerful tool for decision making. Imagine your enterprise data is presented in a Google-like map where all the data objects and relationships interconnect. Any critical business questions can be answered quickly and accurately, and the map will always surface the most relevant information with business context. 

This is exactly the Data Governance Accelerated value brought to you by Snowflake and data.world. With Snowflake robust data governance features and data.world’s unique technology, we can turn the previously “unknown” to “known”. Here are some examples:

Achieve faster error resolution time for root cause analysis or troubleshooting. Snowflake Access History tracks data write operations such as INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE along with variations of the COPY command. With data.world Eureka Explorer™ Lineage, users can easily identify which SQL statements are causing the issue and who made the error, so that you can quickly work through the issue with the original owner.

Explorer lineage screenshot

Satisfy regulatory compliance requirements through full traceability and visibility of user and object access information

Most people think of data lineage as being able to find the original source of a table and view, but that is a limited understanding. Data lineage powered by a knowledge graph can also include people and things and be used to solve business problems with complex data models. For example, you can ingest the Snowflake account usage data into data.world Eureka Explorer to provide full visualization for RBAC, answering questions such as who has access to what data objects, how did they get the access permission, and detect abnormal access patterns based on the analysis.

Explorer lineage screenshot

Create a great e-commerce shopping experience with a data product recommendation engine

Imagine your catalog platform can automatically recommend related data products based on analyzing user behavior data. If there is a pattern that users who query data product A often query data product B, we can conclude data product A is related to data product B. This can be easily implemented by ingesting the Snowflake Access History data into data.world knowledge graph, and using our AI-powered analytics capability to automatically infer relationships between assets in the catalog.

data.world has a long history of partnership with Snowflake. Not only are we the launch partner of the Snowflake Marketplace, we are also a powered by and premier-tier technology partner. Both companies are committed to co-innovate industry-leading data governance capabilities to empower all snowflake users to become more agile while accessing data safely. 

Watch the webinar Agile Data Governance can help accelerate your migration to the Snowflake Data Cloud on demand. And take a tour of data.world’s latest Agile Data Governance capabilities.