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February 29th:

Ensuring Highly Distributed Data is Available to All with W. R. Berkley

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Learn how WR Berkley & Singlestone Consulting supported this distributed model with modern data practices and a data catalog built on a knowledge graph.

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Agile Data Governance with Indeed

Learn how the world's number 1 job site uses an agile approach to data governance to strike the right balance between recognizing risk and democratizing data.

Indeed is tasked with handling incredibly sensitive data about job seekers, employers, and salaries. But not all data requires tight controls and regulations, and understanding the difference is a critical step enabling the company to innovate and create valuable data products.

Join us to learn:

  • How Indeed designed the teams and structure to support safe data sharing across domains

  • How the company manages its massive data volume and diverse data stack

  • How to build a mission-driven culture with data at the core.



  • Jon Loyens, Chief Product Officer,

  • Meghan Therrien, Director of Data Governance, Indeed


Presented at Forrester Data Strategy & Insights Conference on December 7, 2022.

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