Your data catalog is a central knowledge repository that acts as a hub for data and analytics governance. It is the meeting point for data producers, data consumers, and data product managers to share important information. Given the important role it plays in facilitating data team productivity, shouldn’t it also make you personally more efficient? Introducing with Eureka Action Center™, the smarter way to start your day. 

What is Eureka Action Center™?

VP of Product Management Tim Gasper demos Eureka Action Center™ at the spring summit

Eureka Action Center™ is a dynamic dashboard homepage that helps answer the question, “What do I need to take action on now?” It serves as your front office for data and analytics by operationalizing the catalog for active metadata management and governance. In addition to saving time by focusing attention on the most important data and knowledge tasks, it also empowers catalog users to increase their engagement, which improves data literacy across the entire organization.

How will it help me?

Eureka Action Center™ recommends actions relevant to each unique role by analyzing the knowledge graph. It delivers key metrics to monitor the usage and governance of metadata, data, and insights, and makes it easy to discover new resources and projects across your organization. Alerts, recently viewed datasets, and configurable browse cards are all built-in to the first-load experience.

Here are a few examples of how that might look:

Before, you didn’t know the full context of all your work or where to start. Now, points you in the right direction. 

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