Agile Data Governance

“The effort of us collectively is really our superpower.”

DJ Patil, Former US Chief Data Scientist

Why agile data governance?

Enterprises waste millions of dollars on failed data initiatives because they apply outdated thinking to new data problems. This results in overly-complex, rigid processes that benefit the few and make the rest of us less productive.

Agile data governance adapts the best practices of Agile and Open software development to data and analytics. It iteratively captures knowledge as data producers and consumers work together so that everyone can benefit.

We believe this methodology is the fastest route to true, repeatable return on data investment.

A proven track record

Agile and open software development were revolutionary a few decades ago but a standard now. Initially met with skepticism, it turned out that harnessing the diversity of expertise together with crowdsourced accountability made software more reliable.

Today, data is the competitive edge. Your team needs quick access to clear, usable, and reliable data to radically multiply your data’s value. Agile data governance is enabled through:

  • Speed: self-service consumption through streamlined data access
  • Visibility: a single, connected platform for all your data to enhance analysis
  • Clarity: data is documented and connected to insights, business terms, and more to give clear context
  • Democratization: bridging the divide between technical and non-technical surfaces knowledge from everyone

Use a data catalog to empower everyone

Practices, tools, and people need to work together to realize the value of Agile Data Governance. A data catalog uniquely enables this agile process to data work.

This means opening up some traditionally restricted governance functions to a broader audience, and tapping into previously ignored people to realize full business value.

Everyone actively contributes to data as they use it. Exponentially scale your stewardship program through data catalog features like:

  • Data access requests ensures analysts are only using the cleanest data
  • Suggest changes to assets, discuss, and add context to data resources
  • A user-friendly platform that enables all users to improve their data skills

“Consistent and reliable flow of data across people, teams and business functions is crucial to survival.

Source: “10 Data Management and Governance Actions to Reset, Increase Impact, and Enable Remote Work,” May 6, 2020

Agile data governance in your day-to-day work

When we all start working together consistently with simple processes that enable collaborative work, we can accomplish great things.

Jon Loyens

Chief Product Officer,

Data science is a team sport

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts,” says Bret Harper, Chief Data Officer at Wunderman Thompson Data. The secret ingredient? Collaboration. Together with agile data governance, unlock cross-functional reusability, greater insights, and better business decisions.

Within your organization, this means:

  • connecting the work of data producers and consumers to bring multiple perspectives to analysis
  • everyone gets a 360-degree view of your data that strengthens the iteration process for future projects
  • discovering new collaboration opportunities you never knew existed

Use more of the knowledge you already have, make everyone smarter, and drive continuous improvement to keep your competitive edge.

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